Monday, May 16, 2011

Hiding a file / folder using the Command Prompt become super hidden

Generally in the hide a folder or file that is confidential, we use the hidden function. Actually we can hide a folder or file that is confidential to the system and hidden attribute function, this function is commonly used by   Windows to hide files or folders that are vital for the system.

Is it possible that we as computer users can create a system and hidden attribute on a folder or file confidential? The answer can be and how easily.
The first one had prepared a folder or file that we will create the system and hidden attributes, then open a Command Prompt , them know how to open a Command Prompt! But for those who do not know just calm I love to know how, click Start Run . In the menu Run, type cmd . Or it could be the Start All Programs Accessories Command Prompt .

Now locate the directory where the folder or file you want us to be hiding. For example, we will make the folder hidden Supper named Private and resides in the D drive in the directory Secrets . In the Command Prompt, pal type D: , then press enter.

Now we get into the directory of Secrets , how to type cd Secret . Next we will add the system attribute on a folder Private , how to type attrib + s + h Private .

Lastly, close the Command Prompt and then try to locate the folder that contained in the folder Private Secret ... Is Private folders have disappeared or have not? To restore to its original state instead of the sign + to -

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