Monday, May 16, 2011

Turning off the Internet connection of others in a LAN / HOTSPOT

Now I want to study for your chatty nge-Net Hotspot places or in the office who also use the LAN for Internet connection. Tools of this one named Netcut whose function is to turn off the connection Internet of people around us who are jamming together in a single-Net Hotspot or one office.

How easy life was really, stay enabled applications continue to scan IP enemy you (EMG war). If you still do not appear again until a repeat scan IP it, if it appears select the IP that you want to turn off (do not select their own IP loh!) then push Cut off . After that, going to die deh people who have an IP connection and he's going ga can not connect the Internet until we had to turn off resume or application Netcut it.

Who are interested in it download straight Tools..........

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